Heather Mills

Plant-Based Changemaker

Heather Mills is an entrepreneur, philanthropist & athlete. Her mission has centred on the creation of healthier, sustainable, plant-based nutrition and cosmetics.

Having suffered amputation of her left leg in 1993, Heather adopted veganism to aid her recovery which subsequently gave birth to the VBites Food business. VBites is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plant-based nutrition & makeup.

Heather is also a tireless campaigner to support those impacted by war and other forms of oppression. She founded ‘Adopt A Minefield’ which cleared 21m square metres of landmines in war-torn areas. She is patron of amputee clinics around the world and has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the face of atrocities such as 9/11 and the Gujarat earthquake in India.

Heather also holds 4 World Championship gold medals in skiing and at the age of 47 became the only disabled skier ever to achieve 3 world records in the downhill, skeleton and ski-jumping disciplines.


Heather’s talk

Despite her high profile media presence, Heather’s life story has involved a number of big personal and professional challenges which she’s had to overcome not only to survive but thrive.

In this very personal talk, Heather looks back at the many challenges she’s faced and how she’s driven herself and motivated teams of people to discover creative solutions instead of just dwelling on the problems themselves.

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