Kevin Brewerton

Warrior Artist

Kevin Brewerton was born in Newcastle and currently resides in Los Angeles. He is a five-time world kickboxing champion and helped pioneer the sport of freestyle karate/kickboxing.

Since then he’s pursued the arts across multiple disciplines. As an actor his work included productions such as The Fifth Element, Woman in the Red Dress, and The Dark Soul.

Kevin is also a Visual Artist in the form of Directing and Painting. His artwork embodies the passion and self-expression which he originally brought to the ring as a fighter. While living in LA he trained under the tutelage of the famed director and visual artist, Milton Katselas. Kevin’s work is broadly founded in Abstract Expressionism and semi- figurative paintings. Many of his subjects are fighters in some form or another.

Kevin has exhibited internationally and has been featured in various publications, including, Real Simple, Houzz and Zatista. His current works include, ready-made artwork, and color field paintings, using used canvases from boxing rings.

Kevin’s Talk

A journey from white to black; from fighter to artist

Kevin was born in Newcastle into an all-white family. He grew up thinking his grandparents were his real parents and that his actual Mum was his sister. At age 12 he discovered the truth and that he was actually mixed race with his real Dad from Ghana.

He didn’t realise it at the time but this earth-shattering news would send him on a lifelong journey of self discovery from Tyneside to Tinseltown via the boxing ring, the actor’s guild and the artist’s studio.

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