Kevin Brewerton

Northern Fighter

Kevin Brewerton was born in the United Kingdom, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Kevin is a five-time world kickboxing champion: As a fighter he pioneered the sport of freestyle karate/kickboxing, reshaping the style of fighting within the sport itself, while becoming an iconic figure. Today you will find Kevin Brewerton continuing his creative endeavors as a multi-disciplined artist. As an actor his work is in the theater as well as on the film set, which include: The Fifth Element, Woman in the Red Dress, and The Dark Soul. Kevin is also a Visual Artist in the form of Directing and Painting. While he made a name for himself in the sport of Kickboxing by winning five-world championships, in a number of ways his artwork embodies the passion and self-expression in which he irrefutably displayed as a fighter. Kevin, spent many years in London as a professional fighter, while unknowingly venturing into the world of fine art. He found his way into the galleries, compelled to look at paintings that made no sense to him at the time, and yet were unconsciously preparing him for later life as an artist. Brewerton’s influences have come from various sources. However, it was his time-spent in Los Angeles, training under the tutelage of the famed director and visual artist, Milton Katselas, where his foundation of art was formed. Kevin’s work is broadly founded in Abstract Expressionism and semi- figurative paintings. Many of his subjects are fighters in some form or another. His current works include, ready-made artwork, and color field paintings, using used canvases from boxing rings. This form of painting is what gives him the opportunity to physically merge two different worlds into one work of art. Kevin has exhibited internationally and has been featured in various publications, including, Real Simple, Houzz and Zatista. A growing number of art collectors whom have purchased his work over the past years are proving that Kevin Brewerton is mirroring his career as a fighter through the canvas of fine art.

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