Jennifer Rogers

Prof Jennifer Rogers is Head of Statistical Research at PHASTAR, a global research organisation based in London. She directs research strategy and provides leadership to their statistical consultancy practice. Previously, Jen was an Associate Professor and Director of Statistical Consultancy Service at the University of Oxford before making the leap into the private sector.

Jen is also on the Council and is the VP for External Affairs on behalf of the Royal Statistical Society. She was also appointed President of the British Science Association Mathematical Sciences Section for 2018.

Jen is a passionate communicator of all things statistics in schools, theatres and pubs, as well as regular TV and radio appearance. One of her proudest moments is joining the world tour of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime in Australia to take part in associated outreach shows. She’s made a few appearances on BBC Radio 4’s More or Less and is well known for her arguments with Ryanair on BBC Watchdog and in The Times.


Jen’s TEDx Talk

Living Is A Risky Business

Every day we are bombarded with statistics in the news and are expected to use these numbers to inform our day-to-day lives. But what do these numbers actually mean and do we really need to be worried?

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