Gary Turk

Gary Turk is an award-winning poet, storyteller and filmmaker who became an Internet sensation following the success of his viral video ‘Look Up’. The video is a five minute spoken word poetry performance mixed with a filmed narrative which looks at how the overuse of smartphones and social media can disengage us from real experiences, human interactions and living in the real world.

Gary’s work has garnered worldwide coverage from BBC News, Fox News, TIME and more. He has appeared on BBC Breakfast, The One Show, Good Morning Britain, Sunrise (Australia), and The Today Show (USA), among many others.

‘Look Up’ is currently the most viewed Spoken Word film on the Internet, and went on to win Best Viral Film at Cannes Media & TV Awards. Gary was awarded ‘Global Thought Shaper of the Year’ in 2014 by the United Nations WTO for his work encouraging people to better appreciate the world around them.

Gary currently has over 62 million views and 120,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, plus an additional 32,000 followers and 5 million views on his social media platforms, even though he is offline much more than he is online.


Gary’s TEDx Talk  

How Old People Can Change The World

Spoken word artist Gary Turk had the unusual experience of growing up in a retirement home. In his talk, Gary teaches us about the importance of appreciating life, accepting death, and learning from the older generation. Gary will use his skill for poetry and storytelling to deliver us a moving and uplifting talk about the difference it can make to your life (and the world) when you realise that everybody is an old person waiting to happen.

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