Nick Wright

X-Prize Engineer

Nick Wright is an Engineering Professor at Newcastle University where he undertakes research in the use of digital and electronic technology applied to unusual environments. He has worked extensively with projects aimed at the marine, aerospace, space and manufacturing sectors in collaboration with many major companies. He is currently working mainly on the development of zero-carbon electric aeroplanes as part of the UK’s largest project in this field – H2GEAR. H2GEAR is developing a genuinely revolutionary passenger plane powered by liquid hydrogen and fuel cells driving electric motors.

Nick is a Turing Fellow and a winner of several global engineering prizes – including an XPRIZE Moonshot Award in 2019. He is a named inventor on more than 20 patents and has published over 200 academic papers in leading journals.

Nick’s Talk

Guilt Free Flying – How Close Are We to Zero-Emission Air Travel?

Nick’s talk will be about whether zero-carbon, electric planes are genuinely possible.

He’s involved in a large collaboration developing an electric passenger plane powered by hydrogen. This is not a theoretical project – the team are developing a real-life test aircraft that will hold around 19-50 passengers and will emit absolutely no carbon. What are their chances of success and what might that mean for the future of flight?

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