Katherine Templer Lewis

Uncertainty Expert

Katherine is a creative scientist and neuroscience expert. She works with global brands, and award-winning creatives to bring cutting edge scientific insight into the real world through creative projects that drive innovation and foster wellbeing.

On a mission to understand humans and how we can better navigate the modern world, she leads original research, is an experienced science communicator and co-founder of a female-led neuro-aesthetics studio, Kinda Studios.

She is also the lead scientist on a radical new interactive documentary and global experiment in uncertainty, The Uncertainty Experts. She drives connection and inspires social change through thought leadership and a network of world class academics, creatives and disruptors.

Katherine will be co-presenting at TEDxNewcastle with Sam Conniff.


Sam & Katherine’s talk

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Uncertainty

As the saying goes, the only certain thing about life is uncertainty. And today? Life is more uncertain than ever and the forecast virtually guarantees even greater uncertainty for the world over.

Sam and Katherine will be discussing their research and work in understanding how some people are not just dealing with the stress & anxiety of uncertainty, they are able to harness it as a positive, motivating force in their lives and the lives of others.

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