Alfie Joey

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Alfie Joey

Breakfast Radio Personality

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Alfie Joey is the host of the BBC Newcastle breakfast radio show. But wait, there’s more: he’s also a writer, comic, actor, impressionist. And an artist/cartoonist. In May 2017 the North East Art Collective in Newcastle presented a gallery wall of his #AlfArt work and he is also on display at Spennymoor Town Hall. Born into a County Durham coal mining family, Alfie left the region to train to be a Catholic priest, becoming a brother in a religious order. After living a monastic life for 15 years, he decided to leave and become a comedian, squeezing in also a stint as a toy demonstrator in Harrods in between!


Talk Synopsis: Changing Lanes

A common curse of modern life is getting stuck in a job/situation that makes you unhappy. What if changing career was as easy as changing lane on a motorway? What it takes to ‘make the jump’? Alfie is here to answer these questions and to show us how he did it.

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