The Gratitude Habit

Facilitated by the Founder of Simple Happy Life

Would you like to be happier? Get more sleep? Boost your immune system? How about enjoying more meaningful relationships? Being more resilient? Even improving your heart health and blood pressure?
What if you could do all this, by adopting a daily habit that can take as little as 5 minutes a day?
In this informative and fun workshop, life coach and Simple Happy Life founder Sarah Raad will reveal the science and the research that shows that by cultivating gratitude, we can improve our mental and our physical wellbeing in a few simple steps. She will take you through a variety of ways that you can cultivate more gratitude in your life – and maybe spread the habit to those around you too! You’ll have time in the workshop to start thinking about your own happiness and gratitude and try out some of the ideas Sarah shares with you.

Sarah has kept a regular gratitude habit for over a decade. As well as running gratitude workshops at events an in house at various organisations, she has also created an online programme called The Gratitude Habit which helps people to start and stick to a daily gratitude practice.

4th October

Newcastle University Business School, 5 Barack Road, Newcastle, NE1 4SE

14:00 – 16:00


Sarah Raad runs two companies, tent, a small but perfectly formed brand and marketing consultancy established in 2005 and now Simple Happy Life, which offers workshops, online courses and coaching to help individuals and teams live simpler, happier lives.

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