Kickstart your Professional Creativity with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®!

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an internationally-renowned facilitated process used by organisations to generate innovative ideas for business improvement. It is a great way to enhance communication within teams, to stimulate and bring out creativity and innovation, and to develop strategies for growth. It is a very flexible methodology and can be used to understand and address issues such as –

  • Developing an Innovation Strategy
  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Creating an Innovation Culture
  • Managing Change and Conflict
  • Enhancing Teamworking

You will be introduced to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, to get an understanding of the thinking behind it, and some of the reasons why it’s such a powerful tool. More importantly you will use Lego Serious Play techniques to look at issues within your own organisation, and to see how it could be applied to your specific challenges.

11th November

Newcastle University Business School, 5 Barrack Road, Newcastle, NE1 4SE

14:00 – 16:30


Terry McStea

Terry heads up Design Network North, now in its tenth year, and which supports organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes to utilize great design. Design Network North is a community of people across the North who are passionate about design, and recognise they can achieve far more by collaborating and sharing.

Design Network North is owned and run by RTC, an innovation company based in Sunderland, Leeds and Liverpool. Terry’s been part of the RTC team since 1998.

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