Emotional Intelligence in a Digital World

Perhaps one irony of our digital age is that even as technology continue to pervade nearly all aspects of our working and personal lives, we’re seeing an ever-greater need for enhancing our people skills. As computers take over the more algorithmic and routine tasks, it’s placing a greater spotlight on our ability to build strong relationships, collaborate meaningfully, motivate and inspire our colleagues.

Join us for this fun and interactive workshop where we explore the key advantage we can bring to the table in this digital world – our emotional intelligence. We will demonstrate how the ability to recognise, navigate and express emotions can bring huge competitive advantage for both individuals and organisations.

We will introduce you to NLP Language and Behaviour Preferences – a tool that enables you to:
• understand the impact you have on yourself and others
• recognise ‘preferences’ in people’s language and behaviour
• engage with and gain ‘buy-in’ from colleagues, investors, customers or stakeholders to create ‘win-win’ outcomes
• Learn how to ‘push the right buttons’ when working with other people
• Develop your leadership, managing change, negotiating and influencing skills

4th October

Newcastle University Business School, 5 Barack Road, Newcastle, NE1 4SE

14:00 – 16:00


Based in Gateshead, Cintra is a multi-award winning provider of HR and Payroll services with a portfolio of over 800 happy customers nationwide. Established over 35 years ago, Cintra has always be known for its unique culture and its innovative way of doing things.
The workshop will be delivered by Cintra’s Director of Transformation, Lysa Morrison. Lysa completed her Executive MBA at Newcastle University Business School where she is also an Associate Senior Lecturer specialising in managing change, leadership, business strategy and professional development.
Lysa is an Accredited NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, an ILM and ECCM accredited Professional Coach and an accredited Real World Group 360 Engaging Leadership Facilitator. Lysa has delivered workshops, facilitation, consultancy and key-note talks on a wide range of subjects across the UK and Europe for the last 10 years for clients such as the PMI, APM, BCS and the ICR-Global. Lysa has worked with the Social Leaders Network, sat on a Digital Leaders Panel and she has even delivered an impromptu TEDx Newcastle University talk, with 10 minutes notice, when the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ prevented several speakers from attending on the day.

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