Paul Irwin

Paul Irwin

Using “Tech for Good” to Improve the Lives of Young People

Paul Irwin has a background in working with disadvantaged young people from around the world. He created an interactive film series “TryLife” aimed at educating young people about the consequences of their actions. If you remember the old choice-based adventure books, TryLife is interactive digital video version of those books. He has now created 4 interactive films with a further three in development.

Paul’s talent at creating and curating content has also seen incredible success in social media. He has amassed a huge following via TryLife and reaches up to 188,000,000 people per week. In one month TryLife managed to reach 65% of all Facebook users in the USA with no marketing or advertising spend and using just one mobile phone.

Paul was the very first winner of the HRH Pitch at the Palace awards which is arguably the UK’s most prestigious competition for tech startups. Most recently, he started developing an interactive film with the heads of the Bloods, Crips and Mexican Mafia in South Central Los Angeles with the support of Facebook and the producer of Bladerunner.

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