Jonathan O’Halloran

Jonathan O’Halloran

Resistance Is Futile… Or Is It?!

Jonathan is the co-founder of QuantuMDx, a Newcastle-based biotech startup looking to revolutionise medical diagnostics around the world. Jonathan’s professional journey began at Lewes Old Grammar School in Sussex where he discovered a passion for genomics. Eventually this led to he and co-founder, Elaine Warburton, to startup QuantuMDx.

Working with frontline health workers in South Africa, they saw an urgent need for medical diagnostics to be available more easily, cheaply and reliably than what currently exists. And while this will help the urgent mission of helping healthcare workers diagnose patients today, it also has the potential to help in the rising global battle against drug resistant bacteria.

Jonathan was recognised for his achievements in 2015 when he was awarded European CTO of the Year, he advised Lord O’Neil’s Review on Antimicrobial Resistance in 2014 and is quoted in the 2018 book; “Superbugs – An Arms Race against Bacteria”.

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