Jane Tarrant

Jane’s Talk

How to Retrain Your Breathing Habits

Jane shares the secret behind breathing habits. We find out what we were never taught, what we need to be teaching our children, and what the ‘G-spots’ of breathing are.


A Breathing Re-engineer

Jane Tarrant is a passionate Breathing Habit Retrainer & Educator.

Aged 7, she realised her nose felt too small to breathe through properly. It took her 23 years to find out the importance of retraining her breathing habits, how to do it and the impact it would have. Realising that the lack of education around breathing habits is a major problem for adults and children today, she is on a mission to lead global education on healthy breathing habits & breathing retraining, in a simple, accessible way.

She has written the first educational storybook of its kind, Rose Loses Her Nose, educating both children and parents on healthy breathing habits through a fun storyline.

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