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What Can a Rubik’s Cube Teach You About Life?

Watching George solve a Rubik’s Cube literally beggars belief. It’s impossibly fast. In fact, he holds multiple records and championships in pursuing his craft.

George joins us at TEDxNewcastle to show us his wizardry and give us some insight into how he can solve such a complex puzzle in seconds. He’ll also describe his journey into this unlikely occupation, the connection he’s made into a global community of ‘supersolvers’ and what he feels he’s taken away from it all so far at the young age of 21.


A Rubik’s Cube Prodigy

George Scholey is best known for his Rubik’s Cube ‘speedsolving’ abilities which has led to hold two Guiness World Records. He is also an official Brand Ambassador for Rubik’s where he continues to compete around the world representing the brand.

His most recent world record saw George solve an astonishing 6,931 Rubik’s cube puzzles in 24 hours which means he was solving a Rubik’s cube every 12 seconds on average.

His world records and speedsolving talents have led to appearances on BBC News, BBC Breakfast, Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, LBC Radio & This Morning.

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