Francesca Rosella

Francesca’s Talk

Witnessing AI’s Creative Destruction from the Front Lines

By the time TEDxNewcastle 2023 takes place OpenAI’s ChatGPT will still be officially less than one year old. However, in that short space of time it has exploded into our mass consciousness as we consider the awesome impact these technologies will have on the future of civilisation.

In the creative industries, generative AI’s like ChatGPT are seen a potential nuclear missile aimed at the livelihoods of professionals around the world. If you have a job that involves the creation, editing or manipulation of words, images, animation or video we can foresee a world where an AI could do it faster, better and less expensively.

And while many fret, others have sought to experience first-hand where these new tools are taking their industry. Francesca Rosella’s professional life has revolved around technology and creativity and she has dived headfirst into seeking to understand how AI could help her craft and note some of the big questions it is unlocking along the way.

For her, thus far, the power of AI has unlocked a new frontier in creative exploration, pushing the boundaries of design thinking and innovation. But also bringing up big new questions around identity, innovation, intellectual property, ethical considerations and legal implications.

She will detail her workflow and methodology, offering a vivid demonstration of how these futuristic AI-generated designs seamlessly transition from virtual concepts to tangible creative output. Additionally, we will catch a glimpse of what lies ahead, exploring concepts like virtual object ownership and the integration of on-chain systems.


A Creative AI Optimist

Francesca Rosella is an creative visionary and fashion technologist, known for her groundbreaking work at the intersection of fashion, technology, and design.

She is co-founder of CuteCircuit, the world’s first wearable technology fashion brand. Her work at the forefront of the digital and physical intersection, merges the fields of augmented reality, interactive connected fashion and haptic technologies.

Her innovations have been awarded patents for their groundbreaking designs as well as their underlying enabling technologies and construction methods.

Francesca received the Everywoman in Technology Innovator Award 2023 for her pioneering work in fashion technology.

CuteCircuit products have been awarded Best Inventions of the Year by Time twice, received the UNESCO Netexplo Innovation Award, the AWE Auggie Award for Biggest Social Impact, and are part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston among others.

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