Lizzy Hodcroft

Lizzy Hodcroft

Lizzy Hodcroft was born in Scotland, spent her youth in Texas and more recently relocated to North East England.

Despite her relatively short time in Newcastle she has quickly made her mark. Earlier this year she was named to the Journal’s 35 under 35 list of rising stars to watch.

As Founder of The Sweet Beet she was invited to appear on the BBC’s Dragons Den. More recently her passion for the advocacy of mental health led her to co-found Myndr, a mental fitness startup company. Lizzy also sits on the Toon Council for The Sick Childrens Trust and volunteers as a mentor for The Girls Network.


Lizzy’s TEDx Talk

The Shame Scandal

Having an intrinsic understanding of our identity and place in society structures the choices we make – from how we interact with our ecosystem as citizens to the relationships we form; and much of that sense of self comes from the jobs we do.

It’s undeniable that prosperity has risen and our lives have, for the most part, changed for the better. However, Lizzy addresses the instability in the economic orthodoxy of creative destruction. As she sees it, the overall rise in living standards isn’t covering enough people.

Weaving in her own personal struggle with self harm and depression, Lizzy dives into what our changing technological landscape means for our mental health and self worth – and what issues we need to address to get this delicate balance right.

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