Kirsty Henderson

Kirsty Henderson

Architect & Athlete


When Architect Kirsty Henderson started building herself as an athlete, she realised one thing: she didn’t have a map. In Architecture every building she worked on had a blueprint, in her own personal development, she looked for the same.

With no apparent solution, she embarked upon an epic and committed journey through Eastern healing and training systems, world philosophies, psychology, and theologies, in the pursuit of creating her own. Today she uses her “mapping of the human system” as the fundamental framework for her work in mental and physical reprogramming and Human Development.

As Founder of the FRT Training & Research Institute, which trains the top organisations in the world in subjects of human resilience, wellbeing and development, and Founder of a number of not for profit organizations which specialise in helping people face life’s most difficult challenges, her Human System Architecture has been used to train tens of thousands of people worldwide.


Talk Synopsis: Architecture of The Human System

We are all here to build, in particular, to build ourselves, but how do we build if we don’t understand our own Architecture?

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