Emer Maguire

Emer Maguire

Science Singer Songwriter


Emer Maguire is an award-winning science communicator, BBC radio presenter, and a singer-songwriter. In 2015 she was named the UK’s best science communicator winning the FameLab competition. In 2017, Emer won the International Science Stars competition as well to prove her first victory wasn’t just a fluke. She combines her love of science with music and comedy to be irresistibly winning with her audiences.

With topics ranging from “Why do we fall in love” to “The Mystery of Music (according to science)”, Emer inspires audiences to find science as captivating as she does. Emer is currently spreading her love for science and tech by presenting her BBC radio show, “Science and Stuff with Emer Maguire”.

When she’s not on the air, she’s performing at science festivals and events throughout the UK and Ireland.

Talk Synopsis: The Mystery of Music (According to Science)

Ever wondered why some people are musical prodigies, while others can hardly sing in tune or have two left feet? Can we use music as medicine, or is there a perfect formula for a song? Where did music come from, and does it have an evolutionary purpose? More importantly, are musicians sexier than normal humans?! Join Emer Maguire as she explores The Mystery of Music (According to Science)

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