Caroline Dennett

Caroline’s Talk

How Whistleblowing Changed My Life…for the Better

Caroline Dennett is a social researcher and safety consultant with experience working with large multinational corporate clients across multiple sectors.

In the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon disaster, Caroline was commissioned by Royal Dutch Shell to design a safety culture diagnostic tool to identify leading indicators of human behaviour in safety performance.

For more than a decade, Shell contracted Caroline and her team to undertake safety culture assessments across their extraction and refining assets. They surveyed 35,000+ frontline employees and contractors, in 65+ facilities across 30+ businesses in the global petrochemical sector. Caroline has gained deep first-hand insights into the oil & gas industry.

In May 2022 she publicly withdrew her services from Shell stating their lack of leadership in addressing environmental crises, and zero ambition for a genuinely green and safe future. This announcement went viral and garnered international media coverage. Her appearance at the Shell Annual General Meeting 2023 challenged the CEO and Chair to commit resources to improve safety performance in their Shell Nigeria operations.

Caroline is now working to bring justice for communities harmed by Shell’s operations and peacefully end our reliance on fossil fuels.

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