Anthony Tasgal

Anthony’s Talk

Let me tell you a story, about stories

Anthony Tasgal’s life mission has centred on helping capable people communicate. It sounds simple to do and yet we live in a world overrun with ‘sound and fury’ often signifying nothing.

Why has this happened? We’ve been communicating since the birth of humanity. How have we let something so fundamental to us become so ineffective?

Tas comes to TEDxNewcastle to break it all down and then give us clues to the golden thread that can lead us literally to a better world. With better communication comes better connection; and better connection leads us to a better community. And as science has revealed stronger human connection and communities is an essential platform for long life and personal success.


A Storytelling Guardian

Anthony Tasgal (or Tas for short) is the author of The Storytelling Book, the bestselling & award-winning guide to using storytelling techniques to improve presentations and communication. He went on to publish The Inspiratorium, Incitations and most recently The Storytelling Workbook.

Tas leads The Guardian masterclass on “Harnessing the power of storytelling”. He is also a Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Market Research Society and the Institute of Internal Communication. In addition, he is an Associate Lecturer at Bucks New University and Nottingham Trent Universities and a Principal Advisor for CIO Connect in Hong Kong, the advisory service dedicated to CIOs and tech leaders in HK.

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